House exterior. View of driveway and landscape on front yardIf you are interested in adding a second level to your home, the team here at Advantage Remodeling, Inc. can help you. We’re a team of professionals that are available to add another story to your home. Our workers are proud to serve the community of Arlington with the remodeling services they need.

Second Level Additions

Adding another level to your home can increase your property value tremendously. You’ll be able to add to the square footage of your house and then sell it for a greater price later down the road.

Before adding another level, there are many things we consider such as the windows, doors, chimney, placement of the stairs and much more. When you have another level added to your house, it is the perfect time to update the outside of the structure. We can paint, replace siding, or upgrade the exterior of your home the way you like.

We Are Happy to Serve Arlington

If you live in Arlington, we are happy to help you. The town is located in Middlesex County right outside of Boston. It’s about 6 miles Northwest of Boston. The area was developed in 1635, meaning there are a lot of beautiful homes in the town. We are happy to remodel and restore any structure.

Get in Touch With us Today For a Free Quote

Call us now so we can send one of our qualified professionals out to your home. We’ll look at your structure and determine if a second story is possible. Then, we’ll go over the details with you and draw up plans. You will receive a free quote for the work and a full layout of what needs to be done.

Get in touch with us now so that we can help you. We are excited to hear from you.