``Dear Steve,

I would like to acknowledge the work you and Gordon did at the house.

We are extremely pleased with the double porches and also changing the stairs going into the back yard was a great idea. Your fine work has not gone unnoticed in the neighborhood. The compliments are still coming in.

Thank you for coming to the rescue of our, soon to be, disastrous porches.`` —B. Boudreau

``Steve from Advantage Remodeling re-built our front steps about a year ago. His work is impeccable and he is a fine craftsman who cares about his projects and his customers. We had a lot of challenges with zoning laws for re-building our steps; throughout the process, Steve was incredibly patient and served as a helpful sounding board for options that were available to us. We first contacted him in April, and he couldn’t start the steps till November, due to all of the procedures and hearings that we needed to go through. Yet Steve was ready when we finally got the green light, and was happy to honor his original estimate. He was a careful and attentive contractor, always cleaning up in the evening which is a real concern of mine. The steps look great, and we would re-hire Advantage Remodeling in a heartbeat for another project.

Contact Steve for more information- we’d be happy to show off our beautiful front steps!``

``In the spring of 2010, Advantage Remodeling renovated our dilapidated breezeway and created a three-season porch which is one of the nicest rooms in our home! From ceiling to floor, Steve did a phenomenal job! He is professional, courteous and not afraid to (politely!) offer ideas and options, many of which improved our project. Throughout the construction, Steve and his crew ended each day by making sure that things were safe and neat.

Advantage also reconstructed both our front and back stairways, converting them into beautiful entry ways. Original brick staircases and cement porches were exchanged for mahogany; wood railings and balusters replaced wrought iron. The improvement is enormous.

All of our projects came in on time and on budget! We have never had such a positive relationship with another contractor.

We highly recommend Advantage Remodeling for their professional demeanor and outstanding work.``